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Project Development

Open call for submissions.

We are looking for narrative feature film projects to add to our slate and have opened a UK wide call for submissions.

We’ll support selected projects through bespoke and collaborative development, and then look to go on to finance these films for production.

We are able to offer writers and writer/directors a development fee of £2000.

Your film can be any genre, but should be at least, at an advanced treatment stage.

This is aimed primarily at new and emerging writers and directors embarking on their first or second feature.


What we’re looking for:

– Authentic and brave stories that have something to say.

– Engaging storytelling with pace and drive.

– Films that take risks in form and content.

– Stories set outside of London.

– Filmmakers with a track record of successful short films.

– Diverse stories.

– Films with budgets under £1mil

– We are particularly interested in hearing from Female writers and directors.


We’re looking to define a new era of regional screen talent, and want brave and ambitious filmmakers to join us.

To submit send a one page outline, plus a mood board or reel along with two examples of previous narrative work (music videos and showreels will not be accepted) to the following email address:


Deadline for submissions MIDNIGHT JULY 2ND.


For screeners, more information on our projects, or if you just simply want to say hello, please use the form below.