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Open call for submissions UPDATE.

After receiving nearly 200 submissions to our first ever open call, we are delighted to announce we will be supporting Brummie Writer and Director duo Ryan Vernava and Joe Copplestone with their dark thriller “The Night Market”.

“The Night Market” sees trainee lettings agent Farren exploit the seemingly catch-free opportunities of the rotten London property market. Driven by his capitalist ideals he finds himself on a moral decent, deceiving and manipulating anyone who stands in his way. Farren is the Monster within. This is a taut, politically on point, classic corruption story – a British answer to Night Crawler.

Joe and Ryan will receive our £2ooo development fee.

We were delighted to received so many submissions, and thank everyone who took the time to apply. As well as supporting “The Night Market”, we have also identified a number of distinctive writers and directors with whom we have met, and plan to have an ongoing and meaningful relationship with as they develop their ideas. We’re also pleased to acknowledge that of these filmmakers 90% are Female.

We plan to run this call for submissions again in Summer 2018.

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